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Grades for High School must be in numerical form not letter form. This is due to college acceptance for GPA and also transferring into another High School. High School is grades 9-12.
College-Preparatory Course of Study1
Please Note: 1 credit is typically 1 school year of a full-time daily course.   Example: 4 English/Math Credits = 4 years of High School English/Math
Credits/Course Name
4          English (includes all language arts)
2          Algebra I & II                                                    
1          Geometry2                                               
1          Higher Level Math                                                     
2          Science,3,4 Biology/Chemistry                                     
1          Physics or Other Advanced Science                             
1          U.S. History                                                               
2          Social Studies                                                          
2          Single Foreign Language6                                          
1          Visual and / or Performing Arts                                 
0.5       Economics                                                                  
1          Physical Education7                                                   
0.5       Health                                                                       
3          Electives                                                                       
22        Total for Graduation                                                   
1. To graduate a student must be enrolled at SVPA for at least six months.
2. Or other advanced math course with Geometry as a major component.
3. Must include at least two units with lab of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
4. Earth Sci., General Sci., Environmental Sci. and Life Sci. typically do not
satisfy college-entrance requirements.
5. May include World History, World Geography, Ancient History, European History or Modern History. As of 2009 school year.
6. Sign Language does not meet this requirementForeign Language course must be at a high school level and both years must be the same language. 
    Example: Spanish I  /  Spanish II
7. One year of P.E. is typically 0.5 credit. This means a minimum of two years of P.E. for 1 P.E. Credit.
SVPA Diploma Requirements
    Completion of all high school course work
22 High School Credits (minimum)
additional credits are a plus! 
 an ACT score of 21 OR Acceptance by a College
For all High School Students: On upper right corner of SVPA School Application Registration AND on Report Cards please write in red ink "Intent to Graduate (Month/Year)"; e.g., "May 2014"

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