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So that you don't think that we are being mean,
The group befind the Saturn V.
here is one picture for you to look at, till you do your little task!

O.K. everyone! As most of you remember Mr. Lurch said that we were the best group that he had ever had.  So we want to impress him even more by a quick and timely letter, thanking him for his time and for teaching our group so much!


 U.S. Space & Rocket Center

ATT: Mr. Lurch

One Tranquility Base

Huntsville, AL 35805


I told everyone that the pictures would be on the web today… and they are.  The only catch is you have to write the thank you letter (a quick note, or a card) to Lurch and then let me now when you have put it in the mail.  Once you have notified me by phone or e-mail I will give you the PASSWORD to see the pictures on the web.


Once Mrs. Tammy confirms that everybody has written a thank you letter (a note, or a card), she will then let me make the page available to the general public so that anyone can log onto the site to view the photos!



Click here to see the rest of the pictures,
If you have the password!