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Fox Kids Archived News

SVPA Fox Kid News Archives!  Live from the day school and boarding students at Sequatchie Valley Preparatory Academy in Dunlap, TN!  These  SVPA ‘kid’ newscasters will provide you their hottest news…live from their school campus on the ranch or from their U.S. & International school trips;  they will be covering hot political issues both in the U.S. and around the world along with scientific discoveries, economic issues,  agricultural issues; and for you horse lovers, they will even have news flashes about their awesome horses located right on the ranch school campus and news updates from their weekly ‘school’ on the trail!

Please click on one of the links below. You will then be directed to the video on YouTube. Hint: Close out the YouTube page before you open another video.

Fox Kid News Video's

4H Chicken Project

4H Chicken Project

Honduras - March 2008

Click here to go to the Honduras Mission Trip - March 2008

Nashville - February 2008

Reporting from Nashville Hotel

We're off to our 1st English Country Ball

News from the Main Campus

WebKins Report

Lost Hamster at SVPA

State of the Union

Glowing cats?

That's a wrap