February 2006 Honduras Mission Trip
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February 2006 Mission Trip

Arriving by plane into the capitol of Honduras
Overlooking capitol city
... the group was able to see first hand the heart breaking conditions of a third world country.

The students were devastated by the living
Some Honduran homes
conditions of the many Honduran families. Now they understood how blessed they were in America!

After driving through the poverty stricken land
Gate at main entrance
the fenced and guarded Orphanage facility was a welcome site.

Feeding horses in a third world country...
Brant and Bryce cutting up garbage scraps.
proved to be quite a task! Vegetable scraps from the mission food had to do for a while!

We converted the old pig barn into a stable and
Picking ticks
began medical care on the malnourished and anemic horses...including tick removal.

Here is Hope again. Her condition was much worse
Hope the horse
than the other horses. Hopefully she will improve, hence her name Hope.

This is Hope's foot. We think she was bitten by a
 Hope's left hind foot
tarantula 2 months before we arrived. With no medical supplies ...she was at the end of her life.

Brant taught Felipe how to bandage Hope's foot.
Learning to bandage.
Felipe can now change the bandage everyday by himself. We pray this wound will heal.

The last issue was all of the male horses were
Brant castrating Blanco.
stallions. After a couple of operations the issue was eliminated.

SVPA Students training the horses
SVPA students training horses

Felipe who has been here since age three,
Felipe tacking Blanco
now runs the horse program for the entire orphanage. He was a fast learner.

After Felipe had mastered the basics he was
Felipe standing on Grumpy
ready to start teaching the other children how to ride.

Pictured here are some special ed. students and
Roan and special ed. group
Roan. The special ed. students were the first group to take lessons.

Pictured here are some of the farm boys.
Farm boys
The boys help with farm chores after school.

The first lesson that all students receive is how
First lesson
to take care of these beautiful animals that God has blessed them with.

One of the boys has found a new friend.
Blanco and new friend.
The horses will help brighten all the children's lives like it has this boy's.

This is another boy that fell in love with Faith.
Faith and boy

Here Brant is helping this boy overcome his
Brant and boy clean out Blanco's hoof
fear of Blanco's hooves.

Two more boys enjoy some time with Blanco
two boys and Blanco
while they relax by the arena.

All eyes were on Tammy during the lessons.
Tammy and boy bridle.
Here she is teaching a lesson on how to bridle a horse.

Abby really had a chance to get close to the
Rudy, Grumpy, and Abigail
children and help their lives.

This is Dolman and Lucero.
Dolman and Lucero
Dolman is now helping Felipe teach the children.

Here the children are learning not to be nervous
on horseback by doing safe and fun exercises.

Children of all different levels can love
Girl and Grumpy
and relate to horses in the same way.

Three of the kids posing with Blanco.
three kids and Blanco
The children love to have their picture taken.

Brant is teaching this boy how to saddle Blanco.
Brant and boy saddle Blanco

You can not measure how much love
Moises and Grumpy
and goodness the horses brought out in these children.

We were all able to create many friendships
Abigail and group of little boys.
that will last us a lifetime.