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Alex talks about our sponsors

Olivia talks about Customs Forms

Gabby talks about the U.S. Passport

Gabby's U.S. Passport conclusion

Olivia interviews a U.S. Soldier at Atlanta Airport

On the plane to start it off

Capitol City Tegucigalpa

Leaving Tegucigalpa

Mountains on the way to Guiamaca

Locals selling to bus riders

Taxi to the orphanage

Arriving at orphanage

Orphanage Security

Our first look at the horses

Who created the horse?

Mrs. Tammy teaches about the horses hoof

Spreading the Gospel around the world

Olivia reports from the Chicken House

Alex reports from the Chicken House

Gabby keeps the roosters off Bryce

How many days

This is the Day

Alex at the Flagpole

Alex in the School Room

Mrs. Tammy in the School Room

The Computer Lab

Alex heads to the Library

Olivia at the Library

Gabby and Honduran food