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The following is a list of companies or resources recommended by SVPA to assist families in their educational needs. 
  • Click on the name of the organization to go directly to  their web site
  • Scroll down to see detail information about the organization before going directly to their web site.

Curriculum Options

AOP Alpha Omega Publications

4 H Web sites

  • ACE Acclerated Christian Education
  • AFA American Family Association
  • AIG Answers in Genesis
  • APOLOGIA Apologia Educational Ministries
  • CCT Christian Communitators of Tennessee

Christian Boarding Schools for troubled teens can help a teen make the right moral choices.


Boarding/Day Students E-mail

Gutenberg College

Gutenberg College, a classical, "Great Books" undergraduate program that teaches from a biblical worldview, and which culminates in a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, offers a broad-based education in a unique environment. Our goal is to help students develop into mature adults who know how to live well—who have crafted a sound worldview, who have acquired the knowledge and skills to live productive and constructive lives, who are equipped to pursue truth.

Take Action

AFA (American Family Asscocation)

American Family Association represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media.

If you click the link below you will be taken to AFA's web page that deals with upcoming legislative meetings and voting’s. From this page you can E-mail Representatives and Senators regarding the way you feel about certain issues. You can also see how they voted!

Click here to visit the 'legislative alert' page for AFA

Click here to visit the AFA's home page.


A.I.G. Answers in Genesis

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Meet the Leading Creation Scientists in the World Today!

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Have you ever been asked questions like these:

  • How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible?
  • What are the scientific and Biblical objections against evolution?
  • Does Carbon dating disprove the Bible?
  • Where did the different ‘races’ come from?
  • Where did Cain get his wife?

Perhaps you’ve had these questions yourself. Answers in Genesis provides Biblical answers to these and other tough questions about Creation, Evolution, and the Bible. This Web site features thousands of articles covering dozens of scientific and Biblical topics, plus media programs, daily devotionals, resources, and much more

A Tennessee Guest Ranch 
(Sequatchie Valley B&B Guest Ranch)

Hidden just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee is an area that has remained one of God's 'best kept secrets' depicting one of the many incredible splendors of His creation…the beautiful Sequatchie Valley.   And nestled on the ridge that runs through the Valley is a horse lover's paradise…The Sequatchie Valley B&B Guest Ranch.
    The peaceful views of the sun rising above the mountains in the Valley are gorgeous, with nothing to be heard except the early morning moo's from the neighboring cattle farms, as the sound of cattle echoes across the valley floor.  In the afternoon, listen to the daytime sounds of horses hooves as they gallop in from the fields, or the voice of your riding instructor teaching you or your family a whole new world of knowledge as you learn all about horses.  At night listen to the late night howls of the coyote across the mountain tops, as you sit on the back deck or by the pool and study the stars in the clear open skies.
  During the day get into the great outdoors...with your very own Guest Ranch Horse!  Learn all there is to know about horses from the ground up!  Our Guest Ranch Horses become your horses for the duration of  your stay.  After a little roping & riding instruction put your new found skills to work in the wide open spaces on the trail!  Don't forget lunch  & Bible Study on the trail!  Build your own one, two or three night vacation for your
Family Guest Ranch Stay or book a week long National Horse Camp
for your child.

Please click here to visit A Tennessee Guest Ranch's web site at

CCT (Christian Communicators of Tennessee)
CCT is a service organization designed to promote and encourage speech and debate for Home Education students in the state of Tennessee. Membership in the organization is composed of participating parents who home educate their child(ren) in speech and debate according to National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) guidelines. CCT is affiliated with the Tennessee Home Education Association (THEA).
CSTHEA (Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association)
CSTHEA provides a very informative monthly newsletter nine times per year.  The newsletter, known as the Esprit, is an incredible source of information for Home Educators in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas.  CSTHEA is also hosts a large Curriculum Fair and Home Education Expo each year during the month of July.  For a fee of $18 you can receive the CSTHEA newsletter and a discounted fee into the annual Curriculum Fair/Expo.     

Click here to visit CSTHEA at

Hilger Higher Learning offers a variety of on-site courses in the Chattanooga area.  SVPA recommends a variety of these courses such as Algebra 1 & 2, Biology, Chemistry, etc. for SVPA High School Credits.

Please click here to visit

HSLDA(Homeschool Legal Defense Asociation)
HSLDA, with it's headquarters located just outside Washington, D.C., is your 'Legal Advocate' for Family & Freedom in the Court Room...on Capitol the State Legislatures...and in the Media!  Join the other 70,000 Home Educating Families who fund and support the HSLDA.  HSLDA enables it's members to home educate their children in peace and freedom knowing that they are just a phone call away for legal advice once you are a member.
THEA (Tennessee Home Education Association)
THEA was formed in 1984 for the purpose of preserving & defending the rights of parents to direct the education of their children & to provide a statewide network of support, encouragement, & assistance to home schooling families. THEA accomplishes these goals through a unified, organized network of volunteer home schooling parents & others supportive of parental rights. By dividing the state into seven geographical areas to establish chapters & having THEA members elect Area Coordinators/ Board Members, we have developed a unified, representative state voice while building strong support for home schoolers at the local chapter level. Over thirty newsletters are produced & sent out locally. Hundreds of support groups serve TN families.

Click here to visit THEA at

Have you ever had trouble with math?  Who are you kidding?!..Doesn't everybody?!  If your in high school we know that's a YES!  Well, relax!  The math experts at are here to help you solve your problems.   Get all the math help you need for any grade! 

Click here to enter 'THE WORLD OF MATH ONLINE' at