SVIPA Life is an Unforgettable Ride

SVIPA is a private, non-profit 501c3 Educational Institute, founded in 2002.
SVIPA’s home base is located on a beautiful working farm & ranch nestled in the rolling foothills of Tennessee. Students from the U.S. and abroad claim this working ranch campus as their home away from home as they grow and thrive amidst the breathtaking views of the Sequatchie Valley. Located just outside Chattanooga, TN, this unique agricultural facility provides an array of ‘hands on’ learning opportunities for children, youth and young adults in the field of animal science, agricultural studies, agribusiness, and ministry.
Whether it be education, leadership, life skills or our international relationships, horses have proved to be a key component of the recipe for success at SVIPA. Each full-time student receives their very own horse to partner with them through their academic and personal growth while at school. Horses at SVIPA aid in the student’s pre-vet skills, emotional support, independence, hard work and responsibility, thus making life at SVIPA an unforgettable ride!
SVIPA would not be the organization it is today without its variety of extensive International opportunities for our enrolled academic students! These experiences are vital to the refinement of each individual student’s academic life as a whole. At the same time, this develops a powerful worldview through student leadership that literally changes lives around the globe. Now celebrating our 15th year since the founding of the HMMP program in Central America, the results of long term economic developments, educational outreach, and conferences manifest themselves as an integral part of life for both our U.S. students and those abroad whom the programs benefit.
This inspiring Christian ministry, along with its demanding academics, dedicated staff, adventurous lifestyle, International experiences, and our noble steeds, allow students to discover their ‘potential’ and ‘purpose’ through the eyes and heart of their Creator.